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Founded in 2008, Younicos AG is a technology open system integrator delivering software and related planning and engineering services to connect batteries of various types to the grid. A diverse team of 70 comprises market experts and financial professionals, solar pioneers, battery and electrical experts as well as software and project engineers.

Headquartered in Berlin/Germany, Younicos’ control and energy management software manages the decentralized and efficient interplay of renewable energy plants and storage systems. Battery parks for system services and renewable island systems are already technically and cost-effectively implemented by Younicos today.


Products, Services and Unique Selling Proposition

Depending on the particular application, Younicos develops, plans and manages fully automated battery power plants. The company’s innovative software for grid and system integration is of a modular design and combines various battery technologies and power electronics, ensuring the highest safety, efficiency and availability. Since 2007, Younicos has been continually testing various cells of different manufacturers in an own Lithium-ion test laboratory to determine their unique properties, safety and reliability. The company also built up their own megawatt-scale Technology Center containing the actual hardware needed to run grids based on 100 percent renewable energy sources in Berlin.


Experience and Goals in Turkish Market

Besides some market research there is no experience in the Turkish Market so far.

The market research showed that the Turkish Market is extremely interesting in order to expand our business, because securing a stable Energy supply is recognized by Turkish Government and Industry as a key to future development.  This goal is extremely challenging because

-             energy demand increases substantially year by year

-             expenses for energy imports  are high

-             grid stability is an issue in countries like Turkey.


We are looking for:


Our goal is to come into contact with Turkish industries as

-             Utilities, Grid Operators and medium to large Energy consuming companies

-             Technology oriented companies, which can – as future partners – deploy our products, projects and services in Turkey


Number of employees: 51-250


Annual Turnover: 2-10 Mio. Euro


If you are interested in the above-mentioned company profile and would like to send a matchmaking request, please click below:

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