CleanTech Business Park Berlin – Marzahn


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Type/Sector:  Clean Technology



The CleanTech Business Park is a 90-hectare business park designed specifically for companies active in the field of renewable energies. The complex is scheduled for completion in the coming years, when it will become Berlin’s largest industrial park. Companies active in industries relating to wind power, biomass, biofuel, solar energy, battery production, water technologies, recycling and waste disposal, low-emission power plants, carbon capture technologies and much more will find perfect conditions here.

Strategic advantages of this unique site work:

- First-class infrastructure: The site also has excellent access to public transport and traffic connections: Berlin’s city center at Alexanderplatz is only 16km away or 20 minutes by car, the Autobahn (Berlin’s A10 “Ring” highway) is 10 minutes away, and the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport can be reached in roughly 35 minutes by car.

- Attractive investment conditions and quick times to market: The goal of our industry-specific development is to provide you with the highest quality possible quickly and at an affordable rate. There are no additional infrastructure costs, which means that you can acquire custom-made plots at highly competitive prices and get your business activities underway immediately.

- Industrial Zone Designation: The designation of the site as a “GI area” makes it possible to accommodate almost all industrial production processes, including those not permitted in Berlin’s other development areas.

- The right environment: Berlin also has a large pool of qualified personnel, an active R&D landscape and strong business networks. We will help you attract qualified employees and acquire partners, suppliers and customers.


We would like to focus more on the Turkish market and aim at establishing co-operations with Turkish companies and Start-ups. We are interested in best practices and knowledge transfer.


We are looking for:

individual meetings with manufacturers and start-up companies in the renewable energy sector: wind, biomass, bio fuels, solar energy, production of batteries, water technology, recycling and disposal, low-emission power plants etc.


Number of employees: 1-10


Annual Turnover: 2-10 Mio. Euro




If you are interested in the above-mentioned company profile and would like to send a matchmaking request, please click below:

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