Berliner Energieagentur


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Berliner Energieagentur (BEA) is a modern energy service company, founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Berlin House of Representatives. Equal shareholders are the State of Berlin, the KfW Bank Group and the companies Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG and GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG. BEA develops and implements projects for the efficient generation and use of energy in public, commercial and residential buildings, focusing also on renewable energies. It is specialized in co- and trigeneration, solar plants (photovoltaic and solar thermal) and lighting technology.

In Germany and abroad, BEA prepares energy concepts, provides project management and advice on the implementation of innovative energy service models in buildings (e.g. Energy Performance Contracting in more than 1,400 public buildings in Berlin) and promotes the use of renewable energies. It also assists in the implementation of modern energy management. Furthermore, its scope of business includes awareness raising and information campaigns targeting end users, decision makers and multipliers.

With its international division, BEA has been transferring its practical experience acquired in more than two decades to a number of European and non-European countries through customized consulting services, commissioned by a diverse range of institutions. In a study commissioned by KfW, for example, BEA has investigated energy efficiency potentials in Turkish shopping malls and hotels in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University. Abroad, BEA focuses on market development, on capacity building and training and on giving advice on identifying and implementing model projects designed to pave the way to a cost-efficient, secure and sustainable energy infrastructure.

To government officials and companies in Turkey, BEA presents itself as a leading advisor and partner for

- energy services (markets, standards and projects for ESCO business)

- decentralized generation of power, heat and cold

- building-integrated solutions for renewable energies and energy-efficient appliances


We are looking for:


The primary goal of participating in the delegation trip is to offer policy advice on energy service models and other suitable instruments enhancing energy efficiency. In this context, BEA would like to establish contact with representatives of the local (Istanbul) government and/or ministries and public building owners responsible for facility management/building maintenance. In addition, operators of hotels, commercial centres and hospitals interested in implementing modern energy management and efficient energy technologies might also be a suitable target group. In this sense, contact persons should represent

- public institutions, public building owners or private building owners (hotels, commercial centres, hospitals) with a special need for consulting services to increase energy efficiency in their area of responsibility

- Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) with an interest in being trained as future project managers of innovative energy service models (e.g. Energy Performance Contracting)


Number of employees: 51-250


Annual Turnover: 10-50 Mio. Euro



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