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Type/Sector: lawyer

Becker Büttner Held (BBH) is a partnership firm of lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and engineers. BBH is one of the leading consulting firms in Germany and Europe in the fields of energy and infrastructure law as well as environmental and climate change law. More than 40 partners and a dedicated staff of over 400 employees, including 150 lawyers, support clients from offices in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Brussels. A new office will be opened in 2013 in Hamburg.
BBH priorities are fair competition, the deliberate use of energy and the conservation of resources. Since the 1990s, BBH has made significant contributions to the liberalization of the German and European energy markets. These contributions have included: providing input on European directives and national laws; bringing about fundamental decisions, for example, on grid access for renewable energies; and helping to realize more conceptual work like the development of a power exchanges and innovative municipal co-operations. BBH also strongly believes that energy policy must facilitate the energy system change towards the sustainable use and rapid development of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Most recently, BBH lawyers have developed a white certificate scheme for Germany as a means to implement the 2012 European Energy Efficiency Directive. In the course of this work, BBH reviewed together with its technical and economic experts the design and success of white certificates schemes of European countries such as France, Italy and Denmark. BBH also has a strong reputation in the field of emissions trading.

Dr Emmanuelle Raoult joined BBH in 2013. She has an extensive experience on Turkish matters in the energy sector. As an Attorney-at-law (Paris Bar), PhD in Law, Dr Raoult has 17 Year’s Experience on EU and Turkish Energy Policies. Her PhD Thesis was about Turkish application to the EU. At this occasion, Dr Raoult lived 3 years in Turkey, as a guest Phd Student of Bilkent University, (Ankara) where she learned the Turkish language. Dr Raoult has 17 year’s experience on Turkish legal framework, energy policy and regulations. Over the last decade, she assisted EU Industry players investing in Turkey including support for negotiation with the Turkish Ministry of Energy, the Regulatory authority (EMRA), the Parliament. Moreover, she is currently a legal expert on an EU funded project in Turkey connected to the new transmission code to be enacted by the Turkish system operator (TEIAS) in compliance with ENSTO-E network codes. Within BBH, DR Raoult also developed cooperation and synergies with various Turkish Energy law firms, in order to support BBH Clients both with EU law and Turkish legal advice.

Number of employees: >500

Annual turnover: 10-50 Mio. €


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