ABIS – Anlagenbau und Industrieservice


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Type/Sector: pipeline and plant construction

We are a medium-sized company for pipeline and plant construction. For two decades now we have been working for renowned companies both in terms of hiring out employees and also for fixed price orders. Our main areas of business are: installation, plant construction and modification, maintenance, repairs and servicing.


Pipeline construction for

  • Turnkey systems in power plant construction
  • Power plant service
  • Industrial plant construction (Chemical and petrochemical industry)
  • Paper industry, food industry, breweries, steel producing and steel processing industry, automobile industry
  • Central lubrication systems
  • Installation of small pipe systems, including Erme


  • Complete project handling for plant and pipeline construction at an agreed fixed price – project management, material deliveries, execution, acceptance, documentation
  • Handling of partial projects at a fixed price
  • Work involved in hiring out staff
  • We process the following materials: steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting steel
  • We weld all diameters and wall thicknesses
  • The gangs are equipped with adequate quantities of state-of-the-art tools
  • Fully equipped production unit covering a service area of 2,000 m² available for pre-fabrication
  • Ultra-modern technical equipment, including among others 10t craneway, GF saws in various dimensions, band saws up to DN 250, Turbomat bending machines for small pipes in various dimensions with all accessories including e.g. EO-Mat machines, lifting gear, electrical chain hoists, 5t stackers, mobile scaffolding, automatic welding machines for various thicknesses, fully equipped tool container, own tools and tool trailers.


We are looking for:

Our main goal in Turkey is to find business partners who are working in the fields of plant construction and pipeline assembly in power stations, petrochemical industry as well as food and beverage industry. We are looking forward to meet new business partners and to build and extend our business relations in Turkey.


Number of employees: 11-50

Annual turnover: <2 Mio. €

Web: http://www.abis-germany.de

If you are interested in the above-mentioned company profile and would like to send a matchmaking request, please click below:

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